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Watch our short video where our members share why they volunteer on the railway.

BREAKING NEWS: More volunteers needed!!!

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A small band of us have now restored the railway attraction sufficiently to operate 5 inch gauge outline diesel locomotives hauling members of the public on a Sunday afternoon and are moving towards operating steam locos as well. However, with the limited number of members available to support our Sunday running each week we are in danger of having to close down before we have even truly got started. We are in urgent need of new members to enable us to continue.

Although we are a Model Engineering Society and always welcome new engineers to join the team, our immediate need is simply for people who can spare a little time on a Sunday to help us operate rides, which give a great deal of enjoyment, for members of the public who visit the park. Roles include greeting the public, taking payment and manning the station. No experience required as full training will be provided. 

Please note: We have 3 different membership categories and each group can take on volunteering opportunities which are age appropriate.

  • Junior Members

(Aged 8 - 15 years), must be accompanied by an adult member at all times who remains responsible for them. Junior members can get involved behind the scenes with light, age appropriate jobs, and use the signalling flags to set off our trains from the station under the guidance of the Station Master. Of course, free rides when things are quiet are a perk of this role.

  • Young Person Members

(Aged 16 - 17 years). We wish to support the next generation and their interest in engineering so we welcome applications from young people, aged 16-18, who are looking for volunteering opportunities as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award and similar schemes. Members in this category will have the opportunity to learn from our more mature engineers.

  • Adult Members

(18 years and over). Adult members can support the club in a variety of ways; behind the scenes with admin work or engineering skills, or can complete training to undertake one of our Railway Operations roles of responsibility, including; Station Manager, Railway Manager, Signal Man, Driver and Guard. Adult members can also serve on the societies leadership committee.

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