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About Us

The Moss Bank Park Model Engineering Society 

The club currently has 16 members who range in age from 8 years old to their late 80's. The small band of members have now sufficiently restored the railway to operate 5 inch gauge outline diesel locomotives along a track which extends over half a kilometer within Moss Bank Park and are moving towards operating miniature steam locos as well in the near future.

Model engineering scoeity members

Although a Model Engineering Society, the club benefits from having a variety of members with varying backgrounds and skills that support the club. The members volunteer their time to operate the railway for the pleasure of the public every Sunday, weather permitting.

The club has a designated Safeguarding Officer who holds a Level 2 qualification for both safeguarding children and safeguarding vulnerable adults. All our members have received training for the roles they undertake, including; Station Manager, Railway Manager, Signal Man, Driver and Guard.

Many of the members have completed the clubs extensive training to become drivers, qualified to haul passenger trucks carrying members of the public. The club is pleased to be one of the few engineering groups in the area who can boast of having a female driver amongst the team.

Model Engineering society members young and old alike.

Full members of the club have to be 16 years or older. They can volunteer their time behind the scenes with engineering or admin work, or they can volunteer to support the operation of the miniature railway, by performing some of the railways positions of responsibility.

We do like to encourage the next generation of young railway enthusiasts who are keen to learn and you will often see them track side absorbing knowledge from our more mature engineers. 

Our junior members are accepted from age 8. Junior members are required to be accompanied by an adult member, who remains responsible for them, when they are attending the club.

Visiting train owners / drivers are always welcome to join us on running days. Please contact our club chairman, Stuart Rothwell, in advance to discuss logistics and requirements. 

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